Saturday, September 03, 2005

NOLA Cont.

So I talked to my mom, who I think receives a copy of Karl Rove's talking points everyday and she launched into "this is the fault of the state and the city!!" I shot back that yes, it is. It's also the fault of the Feds. 'oh no it's not - they couldn't get in to help' when I shot that down it was 'they had no idea this could happen' I directed her to FEMA's own documents that said the #3 worst disaster to anticipate was a flooded NOLA after a Cat 4 or above hurricane. "oh."

"There is nothing to be gained in pointing fingers" I love Republicans and their wonderfully playfull attitude towards reality and facts and their wholesale dismissal of their own mistakes or mistatements. My mom said to me the other day while trying to comfort me when we knew the family was still in the city and couldn't communicate

"All you can do is pray. You can't do anything about it now - yes they should have left, but they didn't and that can't be changed now. It's like the people who complain about Iraq [?!], what's done is done!"

Right. Sure. You all called us cowards and traitors when we said don't go. You renamed them "Freedom Fries" You poured wine down the trash. Where are the goddamn apologies? Now it's 'oh well, water under the bridge' la la la.


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