Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mike and the Evil Woman

Today Miles decided that he was, sometimes, a dog named Mike. I love this kid so much.

Otherwise we spent the day inside mostly reading books - I had to read the whale book about 400 times. Since he was so torqued on whales and he (Mike) had made me laugh so hard, I figured we'd take a quick trip down to the Aquarium of the Pacific. I called B and asked him to meet us down there and we'd walk around and find something to eat down there.

It's a cool area and we ended up in Shoreline Village instead of the Pike in case that means anything to someone out there.
We got to the end of the pier at a semi-fancy place for dinner (Parkers' I think), but we were tired of walking and they had a kids menu so we stayed. After his dinner and halfway through ours, Miles gave me that unmistakable wide eyed look...and he threw up everywhere. I got him to the bathroom and started sponging him down when a woman looked at him and said "aw poor guy, what he needs is some nice vanilla ice cream when he gets home. Wouldn't you like some nice vanilla ice cream?"

Good Lord woman. What. The. Hell. Is. Your. Problem. My kid is tired and sick and now he thinks I'm going to give him sugar and dairy to ease his stomach before bed?

I'm sure she meant well too, but I kept up a nice string of nasties at her in my head when we got home and I tried to explain to my sweet weeping boy that no, we weren't going to have any ice cream. Just bath and bed.


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