Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Hi, it's me again...

I have completely pulled a "Swingers" on this great babysitting prospect. I'm looking for someone to watch Miles 2 or 3 days a week so I can maybe go back to work or, I don't know, get a haircut?

Got a bunch of responses to my Craig's list ad that ranged from odd ("I am a 39 year old hermaphrodite who loves frogs and children") to disturbing ("I WANT WORK YOU SON SOUND PRECIOUS!!!!!) and one really good one from a dancer who has a lot of experience with kids. I interviewed her, checked her references and shelled out $100 bucks for a background check.

She didn't return my call after 36 hours to try and schedule some time and I [b]freaked out[/b] people. F-Uh-Reek-d Out. I left two messages and an email saying 'um, maybe I wasn't clear that I was looking for someone who could give us some hours right away.....' I think my voice was probably 3 octaves higher than normal at the time too.

In my defense, Burk has been out of town since Sunday morning, I'm really not feeling well, the house is still not unpacked, Miles never stops moving and I don't know a soul out here. I've been feeling a teensy bit trapped. & my hair is really too long.

I felt awful about it all last night but this morning I just decided it ain't worth worrying about and I'm moving on. I'm already looking back and laughing.


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