Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Let's Eat Sand!

The boy has discovered the true joy of the playground. When we got out of the car today and he saw the equipment he began squealing and flapping his arms furiously. It was nice. I'm so glad he's not scarred from our last visit, though I may be.

We went to the new neighborhood's tot lot yesterday and it was an absolute zoo. There had to be 2 dozen kids under 4 there accompanied by an interesting assortment of stay at home moms and nannies - more on that freaky dynamic some other time. Miles was pretty psyched though, there was sand to eat and things to climb. At one point he was sitting on the ground with a little shovel in his hand when a 4 year old came up to him and tried to evil stare him down. Of course, being 16 months old, Miles was really holding his own without having any idea what was going on. I tried to get in there -
"Is that your shovel?" Evil silence
"He can give it back, give him the shovel Miles" Evil silence
"Are you okay?" Evil silence and then running off.

Well, that was odd. Then about 10 minutes later Miles is hanging out on some peice of equipment when lil' Brando and one of his friends come running by behind him. They do this a couple more times and on their last trip they slow down as they get close. The nutsy one says to his other little friend - I shit you not -
"Get em!"
And the little friend tried to pick Miles up and CARRY HIM AWAY?! I'm standing less than a foot away from this and I cannot believe what's going on. Miles looks at me and he is scared as he says in a small voice
Okay. I don't care how old you are, you have just fucked with my baby. I get a good hold on Miles and say
"where are you taking him, he needs to stay here with me"
"Tucker's house"
"No. Leave him alone, now" At this point the evil instigator kid has run off and I'm pretty freaked out. I get Miles and we start to head for the car. I look back and see our young Mickey Rourke throwing a truck at another kid while his nanny smiles at him and says.
'oh Tucker.'

I'm not prepared for this.


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