Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I called into the morning show on public radio this morning to make an cogent and salient point about the inconsistent reactions of the Bush administration to Pat Robertson (just a private citizen) vs. their reaction to Bill Maher after 9/11 (everyone needs to watch what they say). It was to sparkle with insight into the state of civil liberties in our nation. It was to concisely skewer the hypocracy of those in power!
It turned into Lola the bag lady screeching about covert ties, and whipped up talkiness and possibly even tin foil hats.

What the hell happened?

that'll teach me to be too judgmental of things people say in public under pressure. At least it should. It probably won't. AHHH! A BLACK HELICOPTER!!!


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At 6:58 AM, Blogger Lady Penelope said...

Oh but A for the effort! That is how I sound in every conversation with the family ... and I wear no foil!


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