Friday, August 26, 2005

Consider Your Mellow Harshed.

People are amazed when I talk about how much friendlier people are here in CA than they were there in MN. It's really night and day. I feel so much more comfortable here than I think I really ever did in Minnesota. A lot of it is the fact that the pace of Long Beach/L.A. feels more like home (home is Chicago, have I not mentioned that before?) and that there is so much more diversity of peoples and food and thought and everything. But when it really comes down to it, the people are so much more welcoming here than they ever were in Mpls, with few exceptions.

Now. On to the exceptions.

I felt like I found a home, a slightly awkward home, but a home with the Minneapolis improv community. Here were a group of people that were mostly transplants themselves and were artists, so a little more open. It was never 100% bestest friends, but I had them over and we hung out occasionally. They were mostly a good bit younger, but not tragically so. I considered myself a part of the community. As it turns out, not so much.

One person I like started a nice topic on the improv bulletin board saying she missed me. One person I hardly knew replied. All the people I considered myself friendly with completely ignored it.

My initial reaction to this is - ow. It sucks. At the most juvenile place, at the pit of the insecurities, it's no fun. But...the positive side of it is that now I have nothing to miss from Minneapolis.*

* to be fair there are a few people from work, improv and our neighborhood that we still like and wouldn't mind seeing.


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