Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I'm joining the throng. I'm leaping with the lemmings. I'm plodding with the herd. I'm actually going to try and post something everyday for the month of November.

Things I hope to cover. Politics, kid, marriage, family in general. Earth shattering it's not, but some truly compelling things have been written on these subjects so let's not blame them just yet, shall we?

Yesterday was a fun Halloween. M (the boy - 3 in December) was over the top excited but once he had his Fire Fighter stuff on, it was all kinda meh. He went to about 5 houses before he realized that he was in possession of candy. He wanted some Right. Then. I said, no, we'll have some when we get home or in the car ride home (we were at friends). Okay, said the boy. Let's go home. No amount of appealing to his greed or sense of adventure was successful, so we packed it in and answered the door. It was nice. Much lower key than expected, but nice.

I have a lot to say about Friend Who Raises Her Child So Differently(tm) but I will leave for now so as not to jinx my first entry.

Kiss Kiss,



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