Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Leaving; on a jet plane

I love that song. When I was growing up we had a juke box in our basement that was stocked by my 7 older siblings. It was heavy on the 70's music and this was one of the songs that got a lot of air play. It's a sad song, but it mostly has happy memories connected to it. "oooooh babe; I hate to goooo"

Speaking of hating to go! The boy and I leave for a week with the in-laws tomorrow morning. I'm not actually dreading seeing them at all, I like them all a lot. They each have their own thing, but I have at least a dozen 'things' so I guess that's why I feel like I fit right in. I really am dreading the actual travel itself. B is in New York for a couple of days so he has to meet us down there, and I hate having to move "TEAM REX!" all by myself.

I should be packing right now, but it just seems like this enormous job and I don't wanna. I am downright despondent when I think about trying to herd us through the airport. We're not renting a car, so I need to bring the car seat. We're probably going to take Rex to the fest (New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival - it kicks ass if you've never been you should totally go) for at least one of the days so we need to bring the jogging stroller. It has the advantage of being 2x as heavy 50% less maneuverable and holds 25% of the cargo that the other, lightweight stroller does. I couldn't be happier! I'm going to get us into one suitcase, a diaper bag and my purse if it's the last thing I do. We're staying at my mother-in-laws, so we'll have laundry available. Oh, and he has to tag along as well. It's going to be awkward. Wish me luck.

In happier - or just less whiney news - I have lost 7 lbs. WOOT! But, I'm now really just back to where I started last year. Still. Happy!
Today's picture is from Jazz Fest 2000. It was 3 weeks before our wedding and I had but one chin. Poor chin, it must have been so lonely.


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