Friday, May 19, 2006

But what kind of mess?

Ugh. It was so depressing to be in NOLA & I'm not talking about Fats Domino bailing on performing at the Fest. So much is still in shambles and there just doesn't seem to be the will to fix it. I know it's terribly complex and I know that it was a massive blow that the city took, but New Orleanians seem to lack the requisite sense of urgency that would get it done.

If you go to Uptown you see rows of ramshackle houses that are half falling down and are propped up with duct tape. They didn't take any water and weren't too badly hit with wind, they've always looked like that. That's the "nice" part of town. It used to be charming. It used to be let the good times roll, don't worry about it, good enough is good enough. So the house is leaning to one side? Put a book of matches under it and let's go to the Quarter!

It's not charming anymore. They won't make it if they get hit again and I don't understand why they just don't get it.


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