Saturday, June 11, 2005


Today was my second improv class at the Hothouse Spontaneous Theater. I came out of my first one really excited, it was a good group, the instructors and other staff seemed really great and totally into it - it seemed wonderful.

I am less excited today and I'm going to chuck (chalk?} most of it up to grumpiness, but here goes anyway.

1) No. I do not want to walk in the space anymore. I want to do a scene with someone.

2) No. I do not want to play transformation anymore. I would love have you join me in a Harold, however.

3) No. I do not give a rat's ass how this will help me at my auditions. I am actually here for the improv. No, seriously, it's not just a tool I can use as a 'real' actor to help me land commercials and VO work. I want to do improv.

4) No. (this is the mean one) I'm done putting up with people who aren't into it, who don't care and who won't try. Just leave and let us do our dorky thing here.

I miss improv. I miss Unitard. I miss there being a great group of people who love doing improv and want to continue to do improv and get better at it.

& Yes, Jen Scott. I miss YOU.

Friday, June 10, 2005

The Aforementioned W

Thank you They Might Be Giants. From what other parents have told me, it is inevitable that kids music gets stuck in your head. They were talking about Raffi, the poor bastards - I got John & John - oh yeah